Formal training:

  • ‘Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 1. Basic Course’ (HPE101B), University of Gothenburg, Department of Pedagogical Development and Interactive Learning.

Courses taught, & supervision of students:

2019 (University West, Sweden)

  • ‘The study of politics II – Theory and method’. Supervision and tutoring with regard to research proposals at the BA level (in English).
  • ‘The fundamentals of political science methods, including academic thesis’. Supervision and tutoring of second year theses at the BA level (in English).
  • ‘Degree project in political science, master’. Thesis supervision, MA level (in English).
  • ‘Sweden in a post-colonial world’. Lectures and seminars on economic relations, decolonization, theory and conflict patterns (in English).

2012 – 2018 (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

  • ‘Democracy and democratisation’ (BA level). Lecture on transnational democracy and the boundary problem (in Swedish).
  • ‘Democracy in theory and practice’ (BA level). Lectures and seminars on transnational and cosmopolitan democracy (in Swedish).
  • ‘Political theory and international politics’ (BA level). Lectures and seminars on global political theory; global justice; distributive justice; the UN Security Council; the Responsibility to Protect & humanitarian intervention; international diplomacy; theories of international relations; international cooperation; the non-proliferation regime (in Swedish).
  • ‘Environmental politics in theory and practice’ (BA level). Lectures on environmental ethics and international environmental politics.
  • ‘Research design’ (BA level). Lecture and a series of tutorial seminars (in Swedish).
  • ‘Sweden in the world’ (evening course). Lectures and seminars on the UN, peacekeeping, the Responsibility to Protect, and humanitarian intervention (in Swedish).


  • I have supervised 16 BA and MA theses to completion.


2015 – 2016

  • Deputy course coordinator, ‘Political theory and international politics’ (BA level).